kEDA - Electronic Design Tools for Linux and K-Desktop-Environment

This Web-Site is currently under development!
But here are some informations of what should be here in a few days / weeks / month / years

last change 02.Aug.2001

Short description of this project:

A complete set of professional design tools should be build for computer aided engineering/design for electronic development. All tools will be licenced under GPL.
This tools will be:

The complete Toolset should be design for group work, by meaning that the database is managed by a concurent version control system. The update can be made via internet. So people all around the world can take part on a hardware design.

The TODO-List at this moment:

The best for this project will be, when we start with coding tools, which are not available in open source up to now or which are not sufficient for a professional usage.
I know the gEDA Project and I like it, but there are parts missing up to now (e.g. PCB Editor). I know also about the Tool PCB, but it is not sufficient for professional usage. So I think it is the best way to start with a Layout Editor just to get a good (complete) toolset for open hardware development as fast as possible (the missing thing for linux).
For the data format this project will use XML. The goal will be to make it possible to take a look to the status of a open hardware project by using a simple WEB-Browser (without having the EDA-tools installed).